Senior Backend Engineer, Groningen

Senior Backend Engineer, Groningen

Target HoldingGroningen

Senior Backend Engineer

Target is currently looking for a Senior Backend Engineer. As a backend engineer you work on projects that we carry out for our local, national or international clients.

What is expected of you?

You have a number of years of experience in developing software and are capable to link our Machine Learning algorithms to frontend. Data collection and storage is an important component and is also an important component of your daily activities. You are capable of selecting the right tools to realize a high-quality product that you fully support.

Our backend engineers work with the following technologies on a daily basis

  • Python
  • Django
  • GraphQL
  • Cassandra
  • ElasticSearch

What are we looking for?

  • Completed a relevant hbo degree or higher
  • Experience with building data models, REST APIs and GraphQL
  • Knowledge and experience in programming with Python and Django
  • Independency in the field of software design and its implementation
  • Knowledge of scalable IT solutions such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Kafka
  • Experience with deployment and configuration management is a plus (for example with Saltstack, puppet, docker or mesos)
  • Enthusiastic about programming and a general interest in new technologies


Target develops cool applications focused on large scale data storage and processing with AI and Machine Learning. We work for large national and international customers with interesting data issues. By solving this, we optimize their core tasks and we actually add value to their operation. Because we arrange our own hosting, we can properly arrange information security and our customers trust us with their "gold". You work with backend engineers, frontend developers and machine learning engineers on a daily basis. In addition, we regularly organize knowledge sessions on various topics, drinks and other activities.


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